The NNL West is a non-profit (donations can be written-off) event put on by a large group of volunteers, and we need your help!

With an annual budget of nearly $10,000.00 to put on this great event, our budget is tight. If you can help out

in any way, whether it's a financial contribution or just sending products to donate to the door prize table.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! Please contact Roy Sorenson as soon as possible.


NOTE: Sponsors will be acknowledged here, and will receive a link to their web site.


The NNL West sponsor list continues to grow! Would you like to be part of this national event? Would you like your product placed in front of your target audience? The NNL West model car convention / swap is looking for 2020 sponsors and here’s your chance to join the growing list!

The NNL West is the largest, most popular, one day model car gathering west of the Mississippi! The show has been around for more then thirty years and regularly has attendance of nearly 500 people throw the doors and a 1,000 model cars on display!

“Modelers from all over the country have learned that few events attract such a wide variety of individuals, models, vendors, and ideas as the NNL West”

-Scale Auto Enthusiast, 1995

If you would like to help support this great event, and showcase your products on our raffle table, please send to:

NNL West Door Prizes
Model Car Builder magazine
21189 Walker Court
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Keep in mind that our event is Jan.25th, 2020. Please make sure your donations arrive before Jan. 3rd, 2020.

Besides listing your company on the NNL West sponsor list, we will place your link here on the NNL West sponsor page. Each year HC Publications does a NNL West Yearbook with a list of sponsors.

If you would like to buy a table at the show? Swap meet table forms are available at the NNL West web site (http://nnnlwest.org/wcme.html).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: HOTCARSmag@att.net